Want To Know About A High Quality Roofing Company?

Its really trick to actually find a good roofing contractor these days, especially here in the UK. It seems like everybody and their dog is a roofer, but very few of them are ever able to back up their supposed skill with any evidence. So I feel like when I do come across a company that does exactly what they say they’ll do at a great price, I should tell people about them.

Roof Kings are a Leeds based company that have been providing high quality workmanship for over 27 years. That’s a really long time to be on the go. The experience that these guys have picked up is immense. But there is no cockiness about them. They go in, get the job down, clean up after them and that’s that. No messing, no fuss. A real joy to hire.

If you decide to go with another company that’s obviously completely fine too. Or if you decide to actually try and fix your roof yourself (which I definitely don’t advise) , then here are some suggestions if you do decide to go either of those routes.

Firstly, do not attempt to fix your roof during damp weather. A slippery or damp roofing can lead to you falling off; this might result in a bad injury or even worse. If you are doing your roof yourself, work on it when it is warm and dry.

Ensure that any professional you consider for your roof job has present and complete credentials. Check to see that his licenses are 100% valid. Also, make sure they are currently holding good liability insurance and an employee’s settlement certification.

Ask the service provider what service warranty is provided on the work done. Some companies may offer you a deal that is a little better than others, especially if it means securing the job. On top of that, be sure to obtain the service warranty and the estimate, so you will have this info on hand. This means you can be sure the terms don’t change after the work has been finished.

Of course, like I stated earlier you really should just leave it to the professionals. If you’re in Leeds just do yourself a favour and hire Roof Kings. You’ll be very glad you did.

Safety Advice For DIY Roofers

So on this blog so far I have talked about plumbing and exactly what not to do when just starting out. The next topic I want to discuss is roofing. Now this can often be a major job. Unfortunately, when something goes wrong with a roof, it usually goes very wrong. And at that stage there is really nothing you can do except call in a professional and hope that the repair bill isn’t too high.

But all is not lost because there are still some tips and tricks I can throw your way. So without further ado here is what you need to know. As everyone probably knows by now I am a big stickler for safety. There is no point surprising the wife with a nice bi of DIY, if you are laying in hospital with a broken neck. And if there is one place you are very likely to get injured from working on, it’s on your roof. So always wear rubber soled shoes, use a harness and work with a friend.

Another great tip in that same vain is to wait for good weather before getting up n your roof. Working in wet and windy condition sis just asking for something bad to happen. In my next blog post I’ll continue dispensing with the knowledge.

For now though I’ll leave you with a link to the site of a  good friend of mine. He’s a top class roofer. One of the very best in Dublin city, in my opinion. His site is roofersdublin.net and he has a top notch roof repairs service. However, if you are determined to do it yourself then check this roofing article out for more good info.

Tips And Tricks For Amateur Plumbers

bathroom sinkSo last week I spoke about helping people with their plumbing problems and now that my disclaimer has been gotten out of the way, we can proceed. The very first and probably most helpful tip I can give to the budding plumber is to be careful when tightening fittings.

It is absolutely possible to over tighten these fixings. That is especially so when you are dealing with brass and copper fittings. Now steel pipe is stronger and can typically take more tightening, but it still doesn’t need it. What you should do is tighten it as much as you can by hand and then take your wrench and give it another half turn. It really doesn’t need any more than that.

That is of course if you have cut the pipe correctly. That is my second tip. Make sure to take your time and invest in the proper tools for the job. Yes real pipe fitting tools are more expensive, however they will actually do the job correctly. Properly cut piping with the correct saws and cutters is essential for tight, leak-free fittings. It may seem like a waste spending that much money on tools you won’t use very often, but again it comes down to whether you want a good job or a bad job. I mean if you weren’t prepared to pay these costs then why did you buy a house?

Of course you could always just get a professional in to do the job.

Be Careful When Plumbing Your Own Home

Often people come to me wanting to do some plumbing repairs in their house on their own. Honestly its not something that I thoroughly recommend. Realistically, it is entirely possible to cause massive amount of damage if you do it incorrectly. And if the work is not carried out by a fully registered and competent professional you could also find that your insurance company will not pay out, if you need to make any sort of a claim.

rusted tapHowever, with all of this being said, if you are determined to do it and you have some sort of a background that you think qualifies you to have a go then who am I to stop you? What I will do is offer you some of my best tips and tricks over the next few weeks that I think will not only help you massively, but also make sure that you do not do anything that causes irreparable damage to your home.

Remember plumbers are very expensive, but it’s usually a better idea to pay out at the start than have a go yourself, do something wrong and end up having to pay twice as much to get it all fixed and sorted. So without any further ado, check out my next post for my first top tip!